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Arma Solar - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Why is everybody going Solar?

Free System in NJ:

30% of the contract price is paid back to the customer as a Solar Federal Tax Credit. This can be claimed in the installation year and subsequent years.

The State Government pays $90 for every 1000 KWH produced. On average, homes claim $900-$2000 annually for 15 years. State incentives can cover 80-100% of the contract value.

Environmental Impact:

Each solar system is equivalent to planting hundreds of trees, reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Tax Breaks:

Both state and federal governments provide tax breaks for adopting clean energy.

Roof Protection:

Solar systems protect the roof underneath.

Home Value:

Solar upgrades do not affect property taxes but increase home value. Solar investment yields 8-11% ROI over 25-30 years.

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Energy independence

Protection for your electronics

Potential cost savings

2. Why should I convert from my current grid-powered life to self-generated power through solar?

  • Dig a little deeper to know you are destroying the planet for that electricity at your home. It’s generally produced by burning coal, or natural gas or nuclear power.
  • There are renewable sources, tide power, wind power, and solar power. Only Solar power can be harnessed at your home all other renewable options are big and bulky and are location constrained.
  • When you produce your required power through Solar energy, you save the planet by offsetting 100’s of acres of forest-equivalent carbon footprint.

b. You still will need to remain connected to the grid for power at night or on cloudy days, but that’s very limited, unless you decide to go completely off-grid using battery backup.

The government wants you to move away from conventional grid-based electricity supply, they pay 30% in the form of a federal tax rebate and much more in the form of state incentives to motivate you.

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f. With extremely attractive loan options and power purchase agreement (PPA) options, after all rebates and incentives, you really pay much less than what you pay for your electricity today.

Solar system installation will not increase your tax or insurance cost.

3. Educate me on the solar conversion process.

It’s simple for you, as all the back-end process is managed by Arma with a smile on behalf of you.


You need to sign the contract (Cash/ Loan/ PPA) and sign some permit forms.

Arma finalizes your custom solar system design, gets them signed and sealed by engineers and master electricians approved by your township, and then works with the governing bodies and gets all approval to install, and after installation, for inspection. Once inspected, Arma works with the same governing bodies, to receive approval to operate for the system, and then to get your system registered for state incentive programs.

Arma will work with you to file for your federal tax rebate, just like your state incentive program.

This entire end-to-end process depends on approvals from different organizations, thereby the end-to-end time varies from 45 days to 120 days. Arma’s target is to do have your system live in 60 days.

After the system is live, you will be moving to net metering with your utility company. Net metering allows you to get credit for your unused power sent to the grid. And you can draw from those credits in the night and in times when your solar system is not producing enough.

If you want to have a backup power option along with Solar for your home, Arma can install battery backup and generator backup with your system. These additional systems can be included just like your roof, in your solar system loan or PPA.

4. What happens if there are issues after the installation of my system?

Roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar systems have no moving parts unless you are getting a solar system that is ground-mounted and has mechanisms to move as per the sun path during the day, thereby there are very rare occurrences of failures in the solar system.

Moreover, the solar system components used by Arma are top-of-the-line kind, which means they have great performance warranties, up to 25 years, from the manufacturer.

Arma workmanship is covered for 25 years as well. You need to only call or text your assigned Arma representative.

The Arma system comes with a squirrel guard included with the system to avoid situations of the cable being eaten up by pests.

There may be situations of damage from environmental factors, for which you have insurance coverage. Please report the issue to Arma first so we can guide you better.

Arma has a published service cost sheet for various kinds of issues faced with systems. This service cost sheet is more for the systems not installed by Arma, where we are being asked to help with maintenance. For all systems installed by Arma, the intent will be to evaluate if there is any chance of the issue being covered without cost, only in exceptional circumstances, there will be charges invoiced to the customer, which they can probably claim almost all the time from their insurance company.

If you need to replace your roof because of damage to the non-solar planes, please get in touch with Arma, as we can remove and reinstall your system after the new roof. You can probably claim this cost for roof replacement including solar removal and reinstall from your insurance company.

5. What if I sell and move?

With Arma, you don’t need to sweat over it, call us and give us the name of the new owner, we will work with new homeowners to have all approvals and transfers completed. Also, warranty coverage is moved over to the new homeowner immediately.

Also, as a courtesy, we send the local crew to meet and greet the new homeowners.

6. Do you reward referrals?

Absolutely, referrals are our lifeline. All other customers are important as well, but customers coming from our customers’ referrals are our pride.

You are also rewarded for your loyalty and support. There are different levels of referral bonus based on the kind of referral received, single family, group of homes, commercial (small, medium, or large). Refer to our refer and earn page has more details.

7. What other services do you offer, beyond Solar installation?

Arma is a renowned and respected construction company. We are in the process of developing pilot net zero projects at this moment. So, if you have any project at home, from an extension of dwelling space or an upgrade to existing space, Arma will surely be able to help.

With Arma you may be able to bundle your other projects with Solar and save much more.

8. Which states does Arma operate in?

  1. New Jersey
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. New York
  4. Virginia
  5. Delaware
  6. Maryland
  7. Florida

With Arma you may be able to bundle your other projects with Solar and save much more.

9. What are the social or environmental causes that Arma supports?

Arma has a dedicated team, responsible only to look for opportunities to help distressed women and girls in underdeveloped countries. Check the Arma Group Foundation Page for more details.

Arma is also actively looking for opportunities to help renewable energy-promoting organizations.

Arma hires interns and partners with a multitude of organizations every year to help with these causes and much more. Check our student ambassadorship programs page and partner network page for more details.

10. How do you choose to roof mount or ground mount a solar system for my home or business?

Roof mount systems are easier to get approval for from township and utility companies. However, approval is dependent on the health and type of the roof and the underlying structure.

  • Not all kinds of roofs can support solar panels; for instance, slate or stone roofs are costly to mount solar systems on. Historic homes may have structural limitations.
  • Older home structures, farm homes, and barns may require additional expenses to reinforce the underlying structure.

Ground mount system installation approval is dependent upon township guidance. Requirements vary from a minimum of 10 feet from the property line to 50 feet from the property line and from the home or business structure.

Ground mount systems have additional costs due to expensive trenching and land preparation costs for mounting. However, with bifacial panels and better orientation of panels to the sun path, the cost saved in the equipment may offset a major portion of the additional trenching and on-ground system mounting costs.

Options such as solar pergolas, solar carports, solar sheds, etc., may be approved by townships, but strict guidelines on the underlying structural needs apply.

11. Solar Approval Documents

No, Arma team will work with you to complete all the necessary forms, and work with all approval bodies to  

get all approvals to install through final inspection and meter swapping. 

12. Steps of Solar Installation

  1. Get your electric usage history 
  2. Generate a custom Arma design according to your home requirement
  3. Sign contract, and sign all completed forms for permit requests
  4. Get all permits and approvals
  5. Install
  6. Final inspection
  7. Go live – Permission to operate/ Meter Swapping
  8. Setup for Online System Production access – Enlighten/ Enphase
  9. Setup for NJCEP/ GATS access for REC reporting

13. Timeframe for Solar Savings

It would take 60-120 days (about 4 months) depending on the township.  

14. Payment Information

No, except for cases requiring additional fire and safety equipment, like a tap box.


15. Credit Card Transaction Cost

Yes, a 3% transaction cost applies to credit card payments.

16. Financing Options

Yes, for eligible customers Arma has an option to finance according to the terms and conditions of the company. 

17. Contract Cancellation

Customer will have a no cost charge cancellation up to 3 days after the contract is signed. 

18. Solar Design and Installation Knowledge

Arma has a trained team who will explain in detail the requirements of the site and provide options to the  customers. Customer will be given a conceptual design along with the contract. The design will be finalized after the Site survey. 

19. Design Changes

Yes, however there would be some county and fire code restrictions for the designs. 

20. Design Finalization

Generally, yes. However, roof measurements and shading analysis may suggest minor adjustments.

21. Installation Damage Concerns

Arma’s team is trained to work in windy environments. If it’s too windy, we’ll reschedule. Arma is fully insured for any unforeseen liabilities.


22. Referral Policies

Referred customers are the best kind of customers for Arma. Arma’s referral policy allows for a generous amount per signed contract. In case there are multiple referrals Arma pays a referral bonus based on the total signed  contract values for all referrals. 

23. Warranty Information

Arma provides a workmanship warranty in addition to the equipment warranty from manufacturers.

24. Price Match Option

Yes, Arma offers unmatched service levels, price, and quality.

25. Roof Replacement Assistance

Yes, it's best to replace the roof along with the solar system to offset a portion of the roof cost.

26. Battery Backup/Power Wall

27. Installation Turnaround Time

Approximately 60-120 days. An adult must be present during the electrical cable connection portion of the installation.

28. COVID-19 Protocols

Yes, Arma follows stringent isolation and testing practices beyond federal and state recommendations.


29. Tax Rebate Program Details

Our team will assist you with this process.


30. Selling Your Home with Solar

The system remains with the property, and the warranty transfers to the new owner. The system can be removed at a cost if necessary.


31. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)

Solar Renewable Energy Certificate.

32. SREC Transferability

No, state rebates are only applicable within the state.

33. Electricity Bill History

Historical electricity usage allows us to design a custom solar system that fits your home’s needs.

34. Solar Installation as an Upgrade

Yes, it increases property value but does not impact taxes. Homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more on average.


35. Support During the Process

Contact us via our website, call +1 844 717 (ARMA) 2762, or email operations@armagroup.us.

36. Homeowners Association (HOA) Guidelines

Contact your HOA for their solar approval process, and Arma’s project coordinator will handle the paperwork.

37. Monitoring Solar Panels

Yes, using the Enphase App for iPhone and Android. Our project coordinator will guide you through setup.

38. Meter Swapping

In a grid-tied system, your old meter is replaced with a new net meter that captures total usage, indicating how much was produced by your solar system.

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Quote and Design Information Needed

Information Needed to Generate Your Quote and Design:

  1. Annual electric consumption summary in Kilo Watt Hours (KWH), or send your latest utility bill to sales@armagroup.us, copying nev@armagroup.us and anair@armagroup.us.
  2. Age of your roof (approximate if older than 15 years). 
  3. Are you planning to apply for a Solar loan? 
  4. Any additional home improvement projects planned alongside Solar install. e. Are you planning to book or have already booked an electric vehicle? 
  5. Do you need to set up a charging unit for your electric car?
  6. Interested in solar attic fan or external solar lights as part of this project? h. Interested in participating in our solar shingles or smart flower pilot projects?

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