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Welcome to the Arma Solar Partner Network

Join forces with Arma Solar and become part of a dynamic network dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions. 

Rewarding Commissions and Profit Shares

  1. Earn competitive commissions and profit shares by promoting Arma Solar’s comprehensive range of solar and home building/upgrade services. 
  2. Benefit from attractive commission structures tailored to accommodate various project sizes and types. 

Flexible Partnership Models

  1. Enjoy the flexibility of our partnership models, designed to suit the unique needs of different professionals. 
  2. As a partner, capitalize on the opportunity to refer clients and leverage your specialized services in collaboration with Arma Solar. For instance, if you’re a roofer, you can refer clients and manage the roofing aspect of the project. This same principle applies to electricians, realtors, deck and porch makers, construction and upgrade specialists, plumbers, and more. 

Diverse Professional Collaboration

  1. Join forces with professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration and innovation in the promotion of clean energy and sustainable living. 
  2. Our Partner Network welcomes individuals and businesses alike, ensuring there’s an opportunity for every specialty to contribute meaningfully. 

Long-Term Partnership Opportunities:

  1. Forge enduring partnerships with Arma Solar, establishing a solid foundation for mutual growth and success. 
  2. Partner with us for the long term and demonstrate your commitment to advancing renewable energy and sustainable practices. 

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