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Generate Your Own Solar Energy. Become Less Reliant on Utilities.

Customized Agreements Based on Your Needs


System Ownership

Upfront Payment

Monthly Payment 

Rate Hike Protection 


Full Service 

Monthly Lease

Low upfront cost

arma solar

$0 to little down

To arma solar

Full Lease

Pay now, save later

arma solar

~25 years of energy cost

Full Purchase

Own your system 


Full system cost

With Protection Plus

Customer's fave

Monthly Loan

Purchase and finance


$0 down

To loan provider

*Depending on your usage and your utility, you may still have a monthly utility bill.

Solar savings calculator

Calculate your Solar Energy savings with our solar savings calculator. Input your energy usage data to see how much you could save by switching to solar power. Start saving money on your energy bills today!