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Power Your Home with Uninterrupted Backup Power

Tesla Powerwall Solution

To learn more about the availability of the battery and its backup capabilities in your area, contact a sales representative.

Uninterrupted Solar Power Solution for Your Entire Home

Arma Solar’s Enphase solar storage service offers Americans reliable and affordable whole-home backup power solutions. With $0 down payment, homeowners can take control of their energy usage and say goodbye to power outages.

Arma Solar - Your Trusted Partner for Solar Technology and Service

Arma Solar is your go-to choice for top-notch solar technology and service. Our partnership with Tesla’s Powerwall battery ensures that we bring high-quality renewable energy and backup power to homes and businesses across the country. We take pride in meeting your energy needs with industry-leading solar products, superior service, and custom solar and storage plans. As a leading residential solar and battery storage company, we are committed to serving our customers with benefits like free maintenance and repairs. Choose Arma Solar as your trusted partner for a reliable and sustainable energy future.

Whole-Home Backup Power with Tesla Powerwall

Get a custom solar storage solution to power your whole home with Tesla Powerwall and Arma Solar. Request a free quote today from our expert Solar Advisors and start your journey towards a brighter and more sustainable energy future.

Uninterrupted Power

Power your entire home through blackouts with Arma Solar’s solar storage solutions. Our battery technology ensures complete, continuous power and daily recharging. 

Monitoring and Maintenance

With Arma Solar’s solar solutions, we provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your solar panels and Powerwall are working at their full capacity.

Rate Protection

With Arma Solar’s, you can access power when you need it most, without worrying about high electricity rates during peak demand times.

Solar savings calculator

Calculate your solar energy savings with our solar savings calculator. Input your energy usage data to see how much you could save by switching to solar power. Start saving money on your energy bills today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! With arma solar monthly lease plan, eligible customers can enjoy significant savings for as little as $0 down. Our Solar Advisors are available to help you get started today.

Determining if your home is a good candidate for solar energy depends on several variables, such as location, roof angle, shading, and age. To find out if solar is a viable option for you, reach out to one of our Solar Advisors. They will use our innovative solar design tool, BrightPath™, to conduct a personalized analysis of your home and recommend the best path forward.